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Current Events


A body of work that contains structured composition paired with improvisational content for the solo musician. 
Friday-November 18-2022-8pm-Meredith College-Raleigh-NC.
Sunday-November 20-2022-3pm-Halle Cultural Arts Center-Apex-NC.


Situs Inversus Improvisatore


Past Events




Pianos Without Organs 

Modern Music Festival


3 days of new works for computer controlled pianos and small ensemble. 


October 7-9, 2016, Greywalls Studio Hall, Raleigh, NC.






3 Piano Extravaganza

Works by: John Starosta and Igor Stravinsky


A surround sound event programmed by Dr. Anatoly Larkin

includes Starosta's "Sectors" (a symphonic work in five movements) and Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" (transcribed by Anatoly Larkin)


05/14/2015 @8 pm, Greywalls Studio Hall, Raleigh, NC

( Invitation only )





Situs Inversus Improvisatore


Situs Inversus - "inverted position of the internal organs"
 A collaborative project between the composer and the musician.
A body of work that contains structured composition paired with improvisational content for the solo musician.  The musical content shall emulate the condition of situs inversus. The composer's intention is for the listener to imagine how inverted organs might operate in contrast to a normal arrangement of organs, known as situs solitus.  


Starosta-Larkin Project

This project currently consists of selected compositions for solo piano by John Starosta, as performed and discussed by pianist Anatoly Larkin, throughout venues across the US. After each performance, audience members are invited to discuss the work with the composer and performer, thereby providing a unique educational opportunity in context. This presentation is approximately 1 hour in length and is best suited for halls that seat between 50 and 350, to create a more intimate atmosphere between the presentation and the audience.

StarLarkPrim  (project in progress)

Improvisational performance project that involves a composer (Starosta), a pianist (Larkin), and a painter

(Prim). The project consists of each artist feeding information to the other by means of music and art. The composer is influenced by the art being painted. He transmits harmonies and motivic gestures to the pianist, who then improvises on those motives. The artist paints as he is influenced by the music. This performance lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, with three 5 minute breaks for audience discussion and participation. The end result is a recorded, improv-based composition and painting.



Bechtler on Campus (presented by Wells Fargo)

Works by: John Starosta, Anatoly Larkin, Luciano Berio, Leo Brouwer, Alfred Felder, and Craig Bove 

04/07/2014 @7:30 pm, Halton Theater, Charlotte, NC




2104 Modern Music Salon (private residence):

Anatoly Larkin presents works  from 20th and 21st

century composers including the premiere of

Starosta's "Anthem"

03/30/2014 @ 7:30pm

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